5 Steps to convince your boss to attend

We do our best to ensure that your experience is equal parts educational and engaging. When you leave, we want you to feel informed, inspired and equipped. Now how do we go about convincing your boss that it’s worth it?

Step 1: Review and Map out Your Session Planner

  • What are your organizations greatest HR challenges? Engagement? Talent Acquisition and Retention?
  • Use those challenges as your guide when selecting from the 150+ sessions.
  • Now think like a marketer. Reiterate your top challenges to your boss and position HR Florida and the sessions you’ve planned out, as the road map to effectively navigate those challenges.

Step 2: Stress the Value of Investing in Your Education

  • More than most professions, HR evolves at an almost unmanageable pace.
  • Professional development opportunities to learn and interpret new trends and complicated legislation, like
    the newly released FLSA overtime regulations, are essential to remain current and compliant.

Step 3: Find Your Solution Providers

  • With over 200+ vendors exhibiting, there is no bigger or better place to find HR solutions.
  • Whether you’re in the market for a new ATS, rewards programs, recruitment video, wellness strategies
    or beyond, HR Florida allows you to connect, learn more, and competitively price out all potential
    business partners to meet your existing and/or future needs.

Step 4: Complete the Request Letter

  • If your boss prefers a written request for your professional development, we took the liberty of getting
    that started for you too -> 2020-HRFL-Attendance-Justification-Letter
  • Feel free to tweak and customize as you see fit, but hopefully you’ll find this to be a great head start.

Step 5: Bring it all home!

  • You’ll leave HR Florida empowered, energized, and informed.
  • Commit to a post-conference briefing for staff so that best practices and tactics can be shared.
  • Implement those ready-to-use strategies and tools you acquired.
  • Solidify your reputation as an HR Rockstar.