Pre-Conference Sessions

In addition to the HRCI and SHRM Certification Prep classes we have the following educational opportunities! These sessions are not included in the conference pricing.

Registration is required and additional fee applies.

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Day 01 full schedule

August 26, 2018


HRCI Certification Class –PHR & SPHR

Certification is the badge of our profession. Employers large and small are increasingly seeking human resource professionals with the capabilities to be an effective contributing partner to the bottom line. Earning your PHR or SPHR certification provides assurance to your employer that you are HR smart, dedicated to your profession and have the tools to be successful in today’s workplace.

The Pre-Conference HR Florida Certification Prep Class is presented by a team of leading HR professionals. Primary focus of the day is key concepts of all the functional areas from the HR body of knowledge. The prep class also offers test taking tips and what to expect on exam day. Attendees will get the benefit of experienced facilitators, peer-to-peer interaction, and a structured classroom environment to enhance learning.

You will also have the opportunity to share real work experiences with your fellow HR professionals. Notebooks are provided with all presentations along with access to an on-line final exam.

Make the commitment now to take your career to the next level.


Suzanne Lemen, SHRM-SCP, SPHR

SHRM Certification Class – SHRM-CP & SHRM-SCP

SHRM has spent three years developing a new competency model and this led to two new SHRM certifications, the SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP. These new certifications recognize that HR professionals are at the core of leading organizational success:

  • Built on one singular Body of Competency and Knowledge (SHRM BoCK™) designed to elevate the HR profession around the world
  • Tests the HR professional’s competency—the ability to put that knowledge to work through critical thinking and application
  • Demonstrates that the HR professional is a technical expert and has mastered the application of HR technical and behavioral competencies, through practice and experience, to drive business results

This certification preparation program covers four knowledge domains: People, Organization, Workplace and Strategy as well as eight behavioral competencies; Leadership & Navigation, Ethical Practice, Business Acumen, Relationship Management, Consultation, Critical Evaluation, Global & Cultural Effectiveness, and Communication. This session is designed to help prepare those who are going to take the test in the fall, or want to get an overview of the material being tested on. The course will be six hours and full of material based on the SHRM body of knowledge.


Linda Bailey, SHRM-SCP, SPHR

Certified Rock Star Partner Program

WHAT: Certified Rock Star - 1/2 day (4-hour) Pre-conference Workshop

This highly-engaging, interactive workshop is focused on helping you become the Human Resource rock star you are meant to be. Presented by two of the most sought-after speakers in the country; Jim Knight and Brant Menswar deliver actionable insights through the spirit of Rock 'N' Roll to help move the needle within your organization. This hands-on session identifies the unique challenges of the HR Professional and provides specific strategies to becoming more effective and impactful leaders. The workshop is jam-packed with powerful visuals, out of the box thinking, compelling videos, personal stories, validating statistics, enlightening case studies and creative handouts.

Exclusive learning objectives include:

  • Amping up employee commitment
  • Effectively delivering change
  • Aligning corporate values with employee feelings
  • Discovering your "Collaborative Voice"

  • Creating customer obsession
  • Avoiding acceptable mediocrity
  • Producing sustainable business results
  • Hiring rock stars

Program includes:
  • 4 PDC’s and 4 HRCI General Credits
  • Concert Poster Certificate of Completion
  • Signed, reduced-price book opportunity from both authors (Culture That Rocks, Rock ’N’ Roll With It)
  • Merchandise Swag Bag (swagger not included)
  • Live music throughout

This program has been awarded 4 PDC’s and 4 HRCI General Credits.

Jim Knight

Brant Menswar & Jim Knight

Dare to be Different! 3 Keys for Goal-setting Success

Research shows that only 4% of people meet their goals each year. Part of the issue may be that using an old, traditional approach to goal-setting often leads to mounting frustration and undue stress. In this interactive, high-energy session, Jan Spence will provide participants with a fresh, innovative perspective on how to develop a game plan and maintain momentum to achieve their goals and objectives.

Attendees will learn and implement her easy step-by-step process right away and also share these techniques with others to promote further success. Participants will learn new ways to empower themselves and others to get rid of unnecessary roadblocks, focus on what makes them successful, and then capitalize on these new methods. Based on Jan’s extensive experience helping organizations, associations, and individuals explore their full potential, she will expose attendees to a different approach to goal-achieving.

    • Identify core values to set new benchmarks for their own personal and professional growth and development
    • Apply Jan’s proprietary “Target ABC” method of goal-setting
    • Set at least one goal using new methods by the end of the session

    This program has been awarded 3 PDC’s and 3 HRCI General Credits.

j spence

Jan Spence

Using Human Capital Reporting and Data analytics to Become a Destination Employer

This two-part session will incorporate an interactive game "Destination Employer" and Benchmarking Analytics to examine the key elements of maintaining competitiveness as an employer in talent markets and effectively managing human capital investment is knowing what other employers are doing with their rewards.

The Arthur J Gallagher annual Benefits Strategy and Benchmarking Survey is one of the largest in the US. In this session, we will bring you the latest 2017 benchmarking information and go way beyond data like deductibles and coinsurance to discuss the reports’ strategic insights, employers’ operational priorities, total rewards strategies and tactics for cost control.

We will also review the strategies that “Best In Class” employers employ to control costs and retain talent. Just a few of our discussion points include: benchmarking data from over 4,000 employers across all industries, data on employer tactics for cost control, communication and engagement and technology, and statistical analysis “ employers of choice” and “best in class” employers.

    • Review Key Insights from largest benchmarking survey in the country around Benefits and Total Rewards
    • Compare your offerings to Best In Class Employers
    • Learn how to create a strategy for benefits sustainability using data analytics
    • Apply data from best in class/destination employers around Total Rewards Strategic Planning
    • Evaluate implementation strategies and how to apply best in class strategies within your organization

    This program has been awarded 3 PDC’s and 3 HRCI Business Credits.

Nicole Negvesky

Retirement Plan Administration Bootcamp

This workshop is designed for HR Professionals who work with their retirement plan in some capacity. The workshop will incorporate topics from the basics of fiduciary management and how to organize a committee, through more routine topics like the administrative day to day of running a plan. The goal of the workshop is to help attendees become more confident in the best practices associated with their retirement plan and to take away practical items they can apply when they get back to the office.

  • Basics of Fiduciary Management of a Retirement Plan
  • Best Practices for the Day to Day Administration of a Plan
  • Practical easy to implement ideas and improvements

This program has been awarded 3 PDC’s and 3 HRCI General Credits.

a zito

Andrew Zito

Supervisor’s Guide to the Employee Life Cycle

In this half-day session, attendees will be updated on current employment laws and be provided tools to assist them in properly managing employees while avoiding possible legal claims. Topics to be examined and learning objectives include:

  • Why current, accurate job descriptions are the key to performance management and avoidance of wage/hour issues;
  • What is a “disability” and what accommodations must be provided to employees;
  • Whether employees entitled to FMLA leave, STD/LTD/workers’ compensation and an accommodation

This program has been awarded 3 PDC’s and 3 HRCI General Credits.


Don Works

The Economic and Emotional Impacts of Global Migration

Globally, one in every 122 humans is now either a refugee, internally displaced, or seeking asylum. If this were the population of a country, it would be the world’s 24th largest. Migration, or immigration, has historically been looked at by economists as simply the movement of the human resource from one place to another, to the benefit of the host country. However, migration of the magnitude seen in recent years has shown that traditional economic theories are not holding true to form. This is placing tremendous pressure on human resource professionals, social workers and law enforcement personnel, alike.

This session is designed to take a timely and transparent look at the global migration situation from the economist’s and the HR practitioner’s perspective. Beginning with a brief history of migration (with a special emphasis on immigration to the United States), social problems accompanying migration from tribal or traditional economies, the Puritan work ethic and today’s global demand/competition for talent.

    • Learn about the three legs of the global migration stool, and how each applies to the immigration issue.
    • Learn why traditional theories of immigration fail in explaining today’s global problem.
    • Understand why immigration today doesn’t simply increase the supply of labor.
    • Compare the Puritan Work Ethic to problems associated with immigration from “tribal economies”.
    • Explore the advantages and complications of global hires.

    This program has been awarded 3 PDC’s and 3 HRCI Global Credits.


Dr. Mark Wade

EOS and the Strategic  Role of HR in the Company's Growth

EOS® And the Strategic Role of HR in the Company’s Growth The Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS) outlines the Six Key Components of every entrepreneurial company and illustrates the role of the Human Resources Department or Manager in supporting the strategic development of the business and adding value to the firm. Growing entrepreneurial, and family-owned businesses present unique challenges to the HR Manager.

In this workshop, you will learn how to take the expression “Right People in the Right Seats” to the practical realm with simple tools, and processes that transcend personal biases, old thinking paradigms and “Sacred Cows.” You will also see untraditional areas of business in which the HR Manager can become a major contributor as part of the leadership team of the company.

    • Understand the Six Key Components of any business, and how HR plays a strategic role in the company’s growth.
    • How to implement a systemic approach to empowering managers and employees
    • How HR can be the catalyst for creating a culture of achievement and accountability in every level of the organization.

    This program has been awarded 3 PDC’s and 3 HRCI Business Credits.

t blomberg

Tsila Blomberg




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